September 2016 Newsletter


Mahalo for your interest in EnVision Maunakea, a new and vital process to provide a productive, solution-focused forum for discussing the future of Maunakea. We are grateful for your involvement and look forward to keeping you informed as the process moves ahead in the coming months.

Friends of the Future will serve as a convener for Hawai‘i Island community stakeholders to come together for  EnVision Maunakea, an initiative that aims to listen to community insight, facilitating much-needed input to policy and regulatory decision-makers for Maunakea.

EnVision Maunakea is designed around the core ideas of collaboration and community engagement to initiate thoughtful, civil discussions surrounding Maunakea, a special place for Hawai‘i and the world. Our hope is these fruitful conversations will yield a diverse set of ideas to support a collaborative, solutions-focused future for the mountain we all value and respect.

Friends of the Future is honored to work with local community leaders on this process. The EnVision Maunakea plan fits perfectly with Friends of the Future’s mission: to promote harmony and balance among Hawai‘i’s diverse groups of people and to encourage everyone to contribute their deepest values to create shared visions, and to continuously improve our communities.



Susan Maddox 
Friends of the Future

Seeking Participants: Join the Hui Ho‘olohe

Maunakea 2We are seeking participants from all facets of our Hawai‘i Island community to be a part of the volunteer Hui Ho‘olohe — EnVision Maunakea’s community advisory team. This team is responsible for autonomous oversight of information collection throughout the EnVision Maunakea process, and will be selected for participation based on their commitment to the process, connection to the mountain and their willingness to seek collaborative solutions.

The Hui Ho‘olohe will seek community-based perspectives about the future of Maunakea.   Therefore, Hui Ho‘olohe members will be asked to attend ‘Aha Kūkā (listening sessions), actively participate in joint fact finding discussions, attend planning meetings and play a critical role in helping to draft a final summary document.

We invite you to learn more about the Hui Ho‘olohe selection process, as well as advisory council member roles and responsibilities –  click here to download the full description.

To submit your name for consideration as a Hui Ho‘olohe member, please visit

Building bridges Through EnVision Maunakea

&nbspEnVision Maunakea aims to foster safe and respectful spaces for productive community discussions. Our role is to provide constructive ways to talk about the issues and concerns regarding the mountain, and ensure our communities’ voices and ideas are heard. The process is designed so the feedback we gather will be provided inform to the various organizations that collectively have decision-making authority to impact the future of the mountain. The EnVision Maunakea process aims to ensure the stakeholders involved in the discussions feel safe in expressing all viewpoints.

Over the coming months, the EnVision Maunakea process will include:

  • ‘Aha Kūkā small-group listening sessions
  • Educational opportunities
  • Community surveys

Collaboration and Community Engagement

Maunakea 4EnVision Maunakea calls for perspectives from the many facets of our community that have a stake in determining the future of Maunakea. It also seeks a common base of knowledge regarding the mountain, particularly its history and current situation.

The success of the initiative process on the collective participation of various groups, including businesses, government organizations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other members of the Hawai‘i Island community.