March 2018 Newsletter

Report Publication
March 30, 2018

The EnVision Maunakea team is excited to announce the long-awaited release of the EnVision Maunakea Report.  The result of two years of effort, and 15 ‘Aha Kūkā listening sessions plus written submissions involving over 100 diverse Hawai‘i Island voices, the Report delivers great insight into the complexities surrounding Maunakea’s past, present, and future.

The EnVision Maunakea Report not only contains ideas from the diverse voices of Hawai‘i Island that may inform and support the policy and regulatory decision-makers for the mountain, but also gives readers glimpses into differing opinions and points of view.

While the voices in the Report vary widely in opinion, several key themes emerged including:

  • Maunakea is a place of sacredness and spirituality for Native Hawaiians, locals, and visitors alike.
  • Maunakea has the power to teach and be an example for the world.
  • Maunakea’s significant place in childhood, family, and traditions.
  • All agree the mountain needs to be cared for in a comprehensive, coordinated manner.
  • The impact of the astronomy community and ways it can contribute to the Island’s future.
  • The need for more general education about Maunakea; sharing knowledge gained from the mountain, along with the proper behavior concerning the summit, the lower slopes, and sacred sites.
  • The increasing impact of excessive traffic and people to Maunakea.
  • Who is, and who should be, responsible for the management of the mountain.
  • Visions for Maunakea’s future.
  • Potential solutions that may inspire movement towards a time when nature, culture and science can coexist on Maunakea in a thriving, vibrant way for generations to come.

Starry skies above Maunakea


As one ‘aha kūkā participant said, “I hope eventually we can all value what the people opposing and those with different points of view value. Culture, watershed, geological, flora, fauna, scientific value. If we can value all of them instead of only one, that may be the key.”

View or download the full report here: /hui-hoolohe/hui-hoolohe-report/

Susan Maddox
Friends of the Future