EnVision Maunakea was first presented to the Hawai‘i Island community during an Office of Maunakea
Management (OMKM) board meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. OMKM Board and community members
got to hear from Susan Maddox of Friends of the Future, an organization that is leading the project as it
initiates the community’s candid and constructive conversations about the future of Maunakea. EnVision
Maunakea aims to use the feedback from public meetings to inform planning and policy decisions regarding
Maunakea by the various organizations that collectively have decision-making authority to impact the future of
the mountain. The process aims to ensure that the stakeholders involved in the discussions feel safe in
expressing all viewpoints.

Over the next few months, EnVision Maunakea will initiate the following:
• Joint fact-finding
• Facilitated focus groups
• Educational outreach
• Surveys

EnVision Maunakea is designed around the core ideas of collaboration and community engagement to initiate
thoughtful, civil discussions surrounding Maunakea, a special place for Hawai‘i and the world. The project
hopes that eventually, these fruitful conversations will yield great, viable ideas benefitting the future of the